Operation & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance system that is backed by extensive experience.

It is difficult tell the condition of a solar power system from its outside appearance, for example, deterioration by aging. It is also important to monitor the power generation status. In order to deliver a better service to our customers, we JIM ReNOA will offer a substantial support system including regular maintenance and monitoring.

Speedy response

If by any chance, anything abnormal happens to your solar power generation equipment,
we will visit you within 24 hours of notification ※.
After investigation we will provide a solution as soon as possible, depending on the situation ※.

Monitoring WEB system

We have introduced a remote monitoring WEB system to monitor your daily power generation status confirmation and any possible abnormalities. If there is an internet connection available, it is possible to monitor the status of the power plant anytime from anywhere using the PC or mobile phone.
Reports of abnormalities or power output will be notified by email.